Our journey begins


So... here we go! The first post.

We are a thirty-something couple, we have three little children and two cats. We live in North Carelia and we are building an old log house to be our home!

So, two years ago we found a big abandoned log house from the forests of North Carelia, Finland. Immediately we fell in love with the house, and felt like we had found our home. The owner of the land wanted to get rid of the house, so we bought the building and teared it down, log by log. Now it is waiting for us to find the perfect place, a piece of land, to build it up again. We love forests and nature, so we're looking somewhere not so near to the city center.

Should I tell you something about us? We are a nature loving couple, we're both a little bit over 30 years old. Seppo is originally from South Finland, next to Helsinki, and I, Johanna, am from Kainuu, from the very middle of Finland. We met each other almost seven years ago through a common friend.

We both remember one specific moment from our early times. It was full moon in July, we went for a walk near to a big river. We sat down to a beautiful place from which they say that it is an ancient graveyard, from hundreds of years ago. The place is really magical, a bit rocky, and there are tall pine trees growing. And the river is just there, slowly passing by.

So, we sat down there, were looking at the full moon and talking about everything we'd love to have in our lives. And, one of those things were a house, a log house. We talked how it would be really great to tear down an abandoned old log house that would rotten if we wouldn't save it, and then build it up again somewhere in the middle of forests. And here we are, few years later. The journey has been long, rocky and very rich in nuances, but we have made it this far!

Besides us two we have five year old twins and the littlest one who is about to turn one. Two cats, who are adorable and also pain in the ass. You know if you have cats, right? :D

But yey, we finally started this! I'm gonna be the one who writes here, and beside this blog you can follow us on Instagram or on Youtube also.

Hope you'll have lovely days, last days of summer!

Much love!